From athletes to those recovering from surgery, we are here for you.


While you may run into pro or collegiate athletes, we are here to help ALL of Knoxville feel better.

Whether you’re looking to play a better round of golf or just looking to stay pain-free, we have a treatment plan to help.


From starting a new lifestyle routine to participating regularly in obstacle course races, we are here to keep you moving pain-free.

Even if you need a better golf swing, personal record or want to avoid the aches and pains of an active life, come see us.


We help our clients between the ages of 40 and 99 age well and be pain-free. If you are an empty nester gearing up for the next act in life or getting ready for a new adventure, we can help you stay pain-free.

Contact us for a consultation today!


We support clients who have jobs that are hard on their bodies – dental hygienists, architects, surgeons, anesthesiologists, EMTs, construction workers and chefs.

Everything from holding a specific position for an extended period of time to general overuse and repeat stress injuries.

We partner with human resource departments to create a wellness benefits program to suit your company’s needs.

Contact Us if your company would be interested in a corporate wellness plan.


We start seeing clients as young as age 12. We have found that starting around this age, they are able to give appropriate feedback for their treatment.

This is a great time for kids to start learning how to care for their bodies, learn good habits and pursue their performance goals while they are going through growth spurts.


Our protocols were developed from years of experience working with professional and amateur athletes needing to perform at a high level.

The list includes NFL, MLB, WNBA, FIFA, boxers, & golfers who come through our doors regularly and relish the holistic care they receive.

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