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Our son is a Cross Country runner who managed to make the Varsity team as a Freshman. Then he developed horrible shin splints that kept him from running the first race of the season. I have known Bobby for over 30 years and he was one of the first professionals I turned to for advice and then treatment. Because of Bobby's therapy, sports massages, and disc treatment, my son ran the next race on the junior varsity team and actually won the WHOLE race!! He was put back on the Varsity team and continues to heal. Bobby treats a multitude of sports/athletes that allows him to treat all types of injuries. We are very thankful for the attention and treatment we have (and continue to) receive from Bobby and would recommend him to everyone!

Sabrina Schuhmacher

Knoxville, TN

Not just for athletes! Staff are highly knowledgeable in anatomy, physical therapy and personal training. Josh and Bobby are both amazing and they have added another therapist now.

I've received professional therapeutic massage for at least 30 years now and there is none better. They seek to solve the problems not just mask the symptoms.

In addition to healing hands-on techniques that I would consider either neuromuscular, myofascial release or deep tissue, they offer many different biotech therapies as well and can create a custom package for your specific needs.

Craig Hutto

Knoxville, TN

9051 Executive Park Drive #600, Knoxville, TN 37923


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