Efficient recovery is why Fox Muscle & Joint was founded.

After coaching football for 11 years, Robert (Bobby) Fox discovered the way to keep his players healthy and pain-free was a combination of multiple recovery protocols.
He received quite a bit of criticism for his approach that focussed on recovery rather than performance. However, he found his athletes performed better after neuromuscular therapy vs those who did not receive treatment. This secured him a position at the University of Tennessee’s Department of Sports Medicine working with their student athletes.

While at the University of Tennessee, Bobby realized the same recovery techniques were vital for everyone. As a result, in 2015, Fox Muscle & Joint was born.

While these protocols are traditionally associated with elite athletes; we see the most change with individuals managing chronic issues. Our real reward comes from helping active empty nesters, retired athletes, executives on the go, soccer moms and retirees living a full life. Fox Muscle & Joint was created with this in mind.

Come get treated with the same protocols used on NFL, MLB, NCAA, SEC and other professional athletes.

Find out how to get exclusive treatment from Bobby himself!
While every Fox Muscle & Joint practitioner has been trained by Bobby and excels at what they do, if you want exclusive treatment from Bobby, we offer Fox Level. Fox Level guarantees Bobby is your only practitioner for every session.