Our Blank Canvas™ process sets us apart. Experience the difference.

Our Blank Canvas™ process sets us apart. Experience the difference.

THE Fox Muscle & Joint METHODOLOGY


We embrace deep tissue therapy that does not damage existing healthy tissue.

Our objective is to shorten recovery time as part of any treatment protocol (surgery, physical therapy, etc.). The Fox Muscle & Joint therapist does not “fix” the body; we assist healing.

The goal is to thoroughly disrupt the sticky fascia that congests the moving interfaces of every muscle division in the body.


Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. Fascia is supposed to glide. When fascia gets too sticky or congested this is when you start feeling “tightness” and “soreness”.

We promote a protocol we call “The Blank Canvas”™, which we complete over 4 initial sessions.

Session 1 – Please plan for 90 minutes for this first session. While you are filling out your intake form, you’ll be watching The Fuzz Speech by Dr Gil Hadley (watch it here). This will explain to you the principles of why we do what we do to help you heal.

We start by palpating & working through common areas of dysfunction based on the information you provided during intake. Then we plan out the next steps in your treatment protocol.

You will have corrective exercises or lifestyle adjustments to complete between sessions.

We see many clients with chronic pain issues and sensitive nervous systems. This means they are more susceptible to touch and pain.

Fox Muscle & Joint therapists are trained to recognize this. If this is the case, they will initially work with a soft touch to help your neuromuscular system adapt to touch sensation.

Session 2 – This will be your second therapy session where we do a more extensive execution of your treatment plan. As a result, the body work is more detailed and deeper.

Session 3 – In this session, we are able to complete multiple passes through your body. We will address any outstanding issues and make adjustments based on your new movement patterns.

Session 4 – This is when we go through a full flush to make sure we have created a true Blank Canvas™ for your body to function optimally.

After the initial recovery, our clients move on to our membership package or 30/30 to maintain their results. We recommend this because we want the tissue to stay healthy and not get sticky again. Regular soft tissue therapy and correct movement will assist in this.

BioTech Therapies
To enhance your neuromuscular therapy, all our packages include unlimited access to our biotech therapies such as compression and PEMF.
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When you get deep tissue therapy, every subsequent session should be less painful / sensitive & more detailed oriented. Pressure is only increased by the therapist if the client can tolerate it but never so much pressure that it damages tissue.

The pressure is closely monitored by the therapist via the client’s reactive breathing pattern. If the client is in a relaxed breathing state, then pressure is correct. If the client is falling into a resting state, then the pressure is too soft. Verbal feedback, facial expression and breathing monitoring is essential.

A Fox Muscle & Joint therapist will never use their elbows and / or forearms because it is not sensitive enough to feel the correct feedback from the client and the tissue. However, we may use percussion massage guns to finish a session for fine tuning.


We work in private rooms with heated tables and blankets. We want you to be comfortable with your level of undress.

It is preferred you wear active shorts (male & female) and a sports bra (female).


We can help accelerate healing of most soft tissue issues (including surgical recovery) in 4 sessions.

Four sessions are essential to the process because zero tissue damage is vital in allowing the body to speed up healing while obtaining maximum blood flow. As the body’s congested tissue is disrupted, the client will naturally move more, which will in turn create better blood flow.

Each session is more detailed and vigorous as long as the client stays in a receptive state. The goal is to return blood flow to an entire area or the full body so that we can create healing homeostasis.


At Fox Muscle & Joint, we understand the importance of soothing a nervous system that may be in overdrive. An overactive nervous system can cause pain, discomfort & stress. If your nervous system and pain response is in overdrive, you will benefit from our Blank Canvas™ protocol. Our therapists are trained to modulate their pressure and technique to support this. At each subsequent visit, you will be able to tolerate a deeper touch in line with our methodology.